H2i Lab

Human Interface Innovation Lab

The H2i Lab is led by Dr. Jeff Hansberger and the Army Research Laboratory that includes government, academic, and industry partners in the area of human computer interaction research. Our work is multi-disciplinary spanning across Psychology, Information Visualization, Graphic Design, and Computer Science. We use applied research approaches and techniques to explore innovative HCI solutions for the Army like mixed reality and multimodal user interfaces.

Information Visualization

Guided by task analysis, our research into information visualization explores new ways to visualize information and data to users in order to make decisions faster and easier.

Multimodal Interfaces

We are investigating new ways to interact with digital information that integrates multiple natural modalities that include eye gaze, speech commands, and hand gesture recognition.

VR/AR/MR Interfaces

We are developing virtual information dashboards and heads up displays that can be used with Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality technology in order to improve situation awareness and decision-making.

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“Overload, clutter, and confusion are not attributes of information, they are failures of design.”

– Edward Tufte

Information Visualization

Information Dashboards

Information presentation for supervisory control tasks to maintain situation awareness and support decision making.

Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs)

A graphical user interface that supports zooming in and out that naturally supports Shneiderman’s Visual Information Seeking Mantra: Overview first, zoom and filter, details on demand.

Cognitively Tailored Interfaces (CTIs)

An interface that adapts how it organizes and presents information based on cognitively stable attributes and styles of individual users to more effectively present information to that specific user.

Multimodal Interfaces

VR/AR/MR Interfaces

Virtual Information Environment (VIE)

A virtual environment whose primary purpose is to facilitate information foraging and processing activities. A VIE allows the user to 1) view information, 2) control how it is organized, and 3) allow interaction with the desired information elements.

Role Specific Dashboards & HUDs

Tailoring the UI design to match user information needs and requirements to each team member’s role for improved awareness and decision making.

Human Performance with Virtual Interfaces

Experimentation efforts to quantify the advantages and disadvantages of using interfaces in VR/AR/MR information environments.


Army Research Laboratory

The U.S. Army’s corporate research laboratory that conducts basic and applied research. Dr. Jeff Hansberger is part of ARL and the Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED).

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

The School of Interactive Games and Media (IGM) comprises faculty from a variety of academic backgrounds with a shared interest in computing as it relates to interactive media, games, simulations, VR/AR, experimental interfaces, and media-centric systems of all varieties.

University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

The university’s 505-acre campus, which includes 17 high-tech research centers and labs responsible for $99 million in annual research expenditures, serves as the anchor tenant for the second-largest research park in the nation.


The lab often collaborates with industry partners in Huntsville, AL as well as other locations in the US. We have recently partnered with SRI Technologies on machine learning techniques for automatic target recognition research.


The eValuation and User Experience (VUE) Lab is a multidisciplinary research facility at UAH that supports learning, collaboration, design and evaluation efforts in the area of user experience and usability testing.

Jayse Hansen

Jayse Hansen is known for his future-forward design and animation of computer interfaces, holograms, HUDs, and medical simulations for blockbuster film franchises such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and The Hunger Games.